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Malkin: Wrong Again # 4,567

I have two words for the Wal-Mart clerk who notified cops in Michigan after three young Arab men purchased 80 cell phones at 1:00am on August 11 in cash:

Thank you.
This was not solely about the suspects' ethnicity. It was about their behavior. Now, law enforcement officials say a plot to bomb the Mackinac Bridge may have been in the works. Lots of troubling details
Oh, but if you wish really really reeeeealllly hard, could magically make it true. Oh whoops- my magical fairy dust isn't working.
Daniel Roberts, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Detroit office, issued a statement that said "there is no information to indicate that the individuals arrested have any direct nexus to terrorism."

Poll: 4% of Americans support Mel's Drunk Driving, Slurs, and Abusive Actions Toward Police

Much interest is being paid to this new poll that shows 58% of Americans want the troops home within a year. Great news, I know...

But then there's this, question 50:
Which do you think is worse about the Mel Gibson incident?
1. That he was driving while drunk
2. That he was argumentative with the police who stopped him
3. That he made negative comments about Jewish people
4. (All equally bad)
5. (None)
6. (Don’t know)
4% answered 'None'... that's 1 out of 25 people who think Driving Drunk and claiming the cop is involved in a Jewish Conspiracy against you and calling a female officer 'Sugar Tits' and going on a racist tirade are not 'bad' things. Who are these people?

Sidenote: In the previous question, 1% said his comments would make them 'more likely' to go see his movies in the future.


Funny coincidental advertising

So, watching CNN cover the latest head-on-fire story, that annoying sierra mist came on... only this time it had new meaning:

Can we finally send Kathy Griffin to Gitmo, pleeeease?


File Under 'Not From The Onion

I thought the Librul Media and Democrats were going to be the reason the terrorists would win- not due to a lack of power to keep up this illegal domestic data-mining spy program...
The demand for electricity to operate its expanding intelligence systems has left the high-tech eavesdropping agency [NSA] on the verge of exceeding its power supply, the lifeblood of its sprawling 350-acre Fort Meade headquarters, according to current and former intelligence officials.


The NSA is already unable to install some costly and sophisticated new equipment, including two new supercomputers, for fear of blowing out the electrical infrastructure, they said.
What a tradgedy:
NSA officials "claim they will not be able to operate more than a month or two longer unless something is done," said a former senior NSA official familiar with the problem, who spoke on condition of anonymity.


Bush's Historical Knowledge

Speaking on immigration, Bush says:
"By passing comprehensive immigration reform, we will uphold our laws, meet the needs of our economy and keep America what she has always been - an open door to the future, a blessed and promised land, one nation under God,"
Yes, Mr. Bush- as we have 'always been' since 1954... moron.


Abortion and Iraq

Well, not quite... Rumsfeld says:
"If we left Iraq prematurely as the terrorists demand, the enemy would tell us to leave Afghanistan and then withdraw from the Middle East,"
Prematurely? We are now on day 1,232. Longest gestation period? 630-660 days.

Too bad I can't trust wikipedia's Elephants article anymore...

If this is true...

If this is true... wow.

Of course, false accusations of listerv postings has bitten people before, so we may want to withhold judgement for a while.

Of course, the next logical question is... who would be on the YR Princeton list that sent this to Kos?



Utter Failure.

Any power the U.S. had to mitigate disaster has been wasted by this president. We are irrelevant due to misguided leadership of George Bush and his failed war and failed diplomacy.


Give it to 'em...

So, the House Republicans want to pull some slight of hand shit? Fine.

They want to exempt $5 million of an individual's estate and $10 million of a couples in exchange for a minimum wage hike? Fine.

Unfortunately, I had to read this:
Democrats were left in the uncomfortable position of going on record voting against the minimum wage increase and the estate tax cut.
Give it to them. Think about how many more people will be helped by the minimum wage increase and how few people will be helped by cutting this outrageously high estate tax.

Will the government lose some money without the estate tax? Yes... but we will all benefit in the end if people earn a living wage... even if it will take until 2009 to get there.

And once it is out there, the dems can just go out and point out that they compromised because of how important the minimum wage was and if you look at the past 4 years, this is the first thing done in congress to better the lives of Americans- and it was all because they forced the Repubs to debate it, vote on it, and compromised with them. Seems simple enough...